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Based on the ideological and cultural needs of the people of Pakistan and keeping in view the importance of the national library as the nation’s top most resource center of its literary heritage and fountain head of all kinds of library development in the country, the following objectives have been laid down for the National library: -

  • To acquire library materials generally, and in particular, to acquire a comprehensive collection of library materials, both current and retrospective relating to Pakistan and its people and in accordance with national requirements;
  • To receive and maintain the national published heritage deposited under the provisions of copyright Law;
  • To promote and encourage the use of library materials through user orientation (by ashley at tforge), information, and document delivery services to the key people in Pakistan’s socioeconomic and cultural development sectors;
  • To produce a current national bibliography as well as retrospective national bibliographies;
  • To participate in the planning of all types of library services in the country to built up support services and cooperation between libraries;
  • To act as an organizing agency for international leading and exchange of the library material;
  • To organize forces, seminars, workshops, conferences, etc. for training and education of librarians and encourage the use of new technologies;
  • To play an effective roll in rising the standards of libraries and library services and contact research to determine library needs;
  • To take measures towards the establishment of union catalogs / databases of resources of important libraries of Pakistan to effect coordinated use of library resources;
  • To participate in international library meeting, conferences,etc. for mutual benefit;
  • To promote such other activities which contribute to the enlightenment, enjoyment and community life of the people of Pakistan


Monday to Thursday and Saturday
8:00 am to 7:00pm

(12:00 to 2:00pm Prayer break)